Amazing Grass Green Superfood Immunity Defense – Tangerine Review

Let me start out by saying that I am the laziest person in the world and for me to continue with a routine, it needs to show result stat! Or else I am done with it.

Having said that, I have never had the need to go to a gym or exercise in all these years and by maintaining a healthy diet and good sleeping habits, have managed to keep the most ailments at bay. But once I reached the big three-oh, my body seemed to age more than me. It refused to budge and do all of those things I could envision me doing (in my mind, of course) and instead always found the comfort of a nap on the couch more inviting. As I grew older and my stress levels started increasing, it became quite clear to me that if I did not do something about it now, my body would give up by the time I am in my forties and I would have to opt for an early retirement.

I was pretty clueless about where to begin, and as everyone else, the first thing I opted for was to enroll at my local gym. Couple of weeks of exercising and I felt worse than ever - my body was oh! So painful, I could not move around a lot and episodes of long stretches of lethargic sleeping became common. I had enough and decided exercising was not my forte, what I needed was more energy and less fatigue.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Immunity Defense - Tangerine

This was when I was introduced to Amazing Grass Green Superfood Immunity Defense and thus began a new chapter in my life. Remember when I said, I could not continue with a routine unless it gave me results stat? Well, then let me tell you that it has been few months now and I am a regular consumer of this superfood and have no intention of quitting, ever!

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Immunity Defense Review

Let me start, by first enumerating here, the ingredients that blend together to create this wholesome goodness come from natural and mother earth.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Immunity Defense

Amazing Grass Green Superfood is a combination of fresh, nutritious fruits and support herbs mixed together with Acai and Maca to create a goodness that works magic for your body. Each of these ingredients, on their own, are crucial for the growth and maintenance of our body, however, it is not always that they come together to fuse and create a supplement so potent and beneficial. They also include the benefits of probiotics and enzymes, which help with your metabolism. They help break your food and digest them for you, so you can benefit from the energy thus extracted. All of these ingredients are of the finest quality and yes, I agree, as a consumer, we may not always know if this is true, but when a supplement does everything for you, it can’t be anything but true. Only nutritious and quality products can give the body what it needs.

Now that we have the ingredients listed out, let me tell you what this product did for me. When I was first old about Amazing Grass, I was a bit skeptical, of course but was ready to give anything a shot after the fiasco of attending a gym. I started out by first adding Amazing Grass to my morning smoothies and maybe, because of my smoothies are chock full of fruits and leaves, I could not discern any distinct flavor of it. In about two weeks, however, I could recognize few changes my body was undergoing. I stopped feeling bloated up, which I usually did if I overate, or ate spicy, greasy food. I felt more energized and I am not saying, I could run the marathon in two weeks, but I could definitely complete my morning walk and not feel wheezed out. In fact, after about 2 weeks of regularly consuming Amazing Grass, I increased the distance I walked every morning and that did not tire me out at all

In about one month, I could definitely see noticeable changes - I got tired less, I felt very healthy, my skin started glowing (I always had problematic skin and had given up on it, I never thought anything could be done about it), my bodily functions improved and even though I am not an overeater. I did not feel too hungry too often. Over the months, things only got better. I reinstalled my membership with the gym, and haven’t had as many issues as I did before. Weekends are no longer boring sit on the couch and watch movie days, I actually still have the energy to go out and enjoy myself.

Also, as the time progressed, I could easily cut out on the greens I was adding to my smoothies, because this superfood took care of that for me, too. Every serving of Amazing Grass Green Superfood provided my body with immune boosting mushrooms and herbs and the goodness of fresh fruits and greens plus Vitamin C. This definitely is a superfood, it is a hyper-super-food. It delivers everything it promises. At times, I do not even need to mix it with a smoothie, just add it to water or coconut water or any juice. I personally love it with watermelon juice and you are good to go to pick anything based on your taste.